Tired of flimsy bag clips that don't work? Discover the revolutionary new way to seals bags tight!

THE ULTIMATE BAG CLIP: The Only Clip You'll Ever Need. One Size Fits All

Available in 15, 30, and 45 packs, starting at $19.95


“Best clips I've ever used and love to hear the satisfying SNAP when the bag is sealed! Love Love Love!!”

- Kristine M (Kitchener, ON)

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  • Love them!
    Nov 10, 2023

    Bought these twice! They work! Best clips I've found..

    Stanley Fried, Albuquerque, NM

  • Best Clips Ever!
    Dec 17, 2023

    Just received my order. They work perfectly. Great product!

    Greg Crum, Addison TX

  • I Love Mine!
    Mar 6, 2023

    I love mine, thinking about getting a set for my Mom

    Dan Paterniti, Hamilton OH

  • So Versatile!
    Mar 29, 2023

    So handy to have one clip that works on all sized bags.

    Adriana M. Colorado Springs, CO

  • Game-changer!
    January 22, 2023

    I used to buy the big box store clips and found them so frustrating. These clips are a game-changer, love them!

    Claire Thibodaux. Calgary, AB

  • They clip extremely well and very strong!
    January 29, 2023

    These clips are superior quality and work like advertised! Can't recommend them enough.

    Kevin A. Milton, ON

  • Great quality and well designed
    Dec 18, 2022

    I'm all about that seal life! The Ultimate Bag Clip locks in freshness like nothing else. Super-strong and super-reliable.

    Amir T. Albion, NY

  • Simply Brilliant
    Mar 2, 2022

    These clips delivered what they promised and are a popular item in our home and cottage.

    Guy C. Richmond Hill, ON

  • Cut Above the Rest
    Jan 6, 2022

    No comparison. They are so easy to use and keep all our bags closed, unlike some others.

    Chelsea Trahan. Nashville, TN

  • Excellent Quality
    Nov 10, 2021

    I absolutely love these clips. So useful in my kitchen and craft room. I use them to seal bags of rice, beans, sugar, and spice bags.

    Meghan C. Augusta, GA

  • Must have if you love to bake!
    Dec 12, 2021

    Never imagined just how useful these clips turned out to be when sealing all my baking supplies. This makes tidy up fun.

    Caley G. Virginia Beach, VA

  • Worth the price for the quality
    Jan 19, 2022

    Nothing more frustrating than buying cheap plastic clips in the past that break and fall apart. You can tell these clips are quality made and well worth the price.

    Mary Ilona. Scottsdale, AZ

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How the Ultimate Clip Works

When you hear the SNAP, you know the bag is sealed tight!

To remove, simply place your two thumbs on each of the ends and gently pull the clip apart.

Watch It In Action

The Ultimate 30 & 45 pack

Save 25% to 33%

The only bag clip you’ll ever need! Keep your food fresh and prevent messy spills while keeping your cupboards clean and organized. Also available in 30 and 45 packs. Save money and never run out of clips again!

PERFECT for any home, kitchen, cottage, dorm, camper, travel, and busy mom!

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Omg yes!! They work amazing and you’ll never go back to using regular clips again.

You know your bag is sealed tight when you hear the SNAP!!

There’s something gratifying about rolling down a bag neatly, placing the clip over the fold, snapping it tight and hearing it SNAP!

We engineered and created an easy and fun to use bag clip that is super strong, durable, and seals bags super tight. Your bags will look orderly and neat in your cupboards and drawers, not scrunched up with excessive material sticking up.

We wanted to create a versatile bag clip that would work on most sized bags.

Our 3-inch bag clips work on any regular poly bag material that has an opening that is 3x larger than the size of our clips. Simply squeeze the air out of the bag and neatly fold over couple of times and clip!

The Ultimate Bag Clips come in one size and are clear with a semi-translucent finish that aesthetically compliments the packaging of your bags. Although they look invisible in your cupboards, they are battling staleness to protect your food for ultimate freshness!

Our bag clips were engineered with a unique locking mechanism that grabs, bites, and seals the bag super tight.

Where beauty meets function. No clunky and floppy handled clips here. Our clips have a sleek, modern, and innovative design that naturally fits over the fold of the bag. Simply fold down the bag to the bottom of your food and snap tight!

Our patent-pending bag clips are engineered and proudly made in Canada using food-grade polypropylene plastic.

Great for sealing chip bags, snack bags, salad bags, frozen foods, dry goods, rice, pasta, baking supplies like chocolate chips, spice bags, crushed nuts, and shaved coconut, and frozen vegetables, fries, and more! Not ideal for sealing mylar metallic and thick nylon bags, or bags with built-in metallic ties.

YES, they sure do! Perfect for french fries, hashbrowns, peas, and veggies.

They were designed to last a long time, but we recommend you buy the 2 x 15 pack special for $29.95 because you’ll be giving a lot away to your friends and family. :)